New Student Information

  • 1. Residency Information

    For students enrolling within Northview boundaries:

      • Provide proof of residency
        • Current gas or electric bill in parent’s name
        • Recent government correspondence
      • Parent's photo ID

    For students residing outside of Northview boundaries:

      • Inter or Intra District Transfer form from school of residence
      • Transcript, discipline, and attendance from school of residence
    2. Birth Certificate of Student
    3. Transcript, Grades, and Attendance from previous school
    4. Current Immunizations
    5. Enrollment Packet**

    (**Available @ Northview High School when proof of residency requirements have been met)


  • Q. Who do I contact to register my student?

    A. Please call our Student Services Secretary at (626) 974-6130 to start the process!