• Executive Cabinet

    President - Thaiz Gonzalez
    Vice President - David Lopez
    Secretary - Dahlila Benitez
    Treasurer - Daniela Nuno De Loza

    Upcoming Events

    September 25 - Homecoming tickets go on sale!
    September 29 - Homecoming court nominations are due
    October 2 - Homecoming ticket prices go up
    October 5 - District College & Career Fair
    October 6 - Homecoming Rally
    October 9 - Homecoming ticket prices go up
    October 13 - Last day to buy Homecoming tickets
    October 21 - Homecoming Dance
    May 4 - Prom

    ASB Cards

    ASB cards are $60 and available for purchase in the ASB Office.

    ASB cards grant a student free entry to Northview games, as well as discounts to many school events, including dances and yearbook purchases.


    Yearbooks are currently $90 with ASB card, $100 without ASB card. They are currently available for pre-order in the ASB Office. Prices will go up later in the year.