• Students in LEADERSHIP journey through the preparation, process, and projects involved in being a leader. They learn time management, prioritization, public speaking, project management, and group-work skills. Social responsibility is a requirement as well, opening volunteer opportunities to each leadership student. Students are responsible for communication between their peers, faculty and parent groups.


    • Mrs. Reina - Leadership
    • GenYes flyer with pictures of students

    GenYes flyer created by students

    Brochures created by GenYes students.


  • Sierra Vista Leadership with Mrs. Reina

    "Through leadership, I have learned skills like multi-tasking, time management, and being open to other ideas." -Natalie C. 


    • Renaissance rallies: Help paint posters, come up with ideas for the theme
    • Friday Fun Days: Special games and music during lunch
    • Career Day
    • Spirit Points: Count spirit points
    • Dances: Work Dances
  • Hard Work & Dedication

    Student Expectations

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time daily with paper, pencil and their school agenda.

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, responsible and respectful manner to self and others

    Students are expected to exemplify in themselves qualities of a good leader such as responsibility, understanding, and energetic behavior, thus setting an example for the entire student body. 

    Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA in all academic courses. Periodic grade check will be conducted. Citizenship marks of Satisfactory or above are expected in all classes. Any time a grade drops below a C students will be placed on probation for two weeks, allowing time to improve their grade.

    Students are not to endanger their enrollment in this elective as a result of persistent ODR's or other disciplinary measures. Such behavior is grounds for removal from the class. Any student who is suspended will immediately be dropped from leadership as well as elected office. 

  • Creative Leaders & School Pride/Spirit

    "Leadership has taught me to manage my time wisely and efficiently." -Jonathan G. 

    Course Goals

    • To develop responsibility, initiative, creativity, leadership, and school pride
    • To allow pupils to participate in or manage co-curricular affairs
    • To encourage productive student-faculty relationships
    • To aid in the internal administration of your school
    • To develop school-community relationships & focus on character traits development