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  • Make A Difference Club

    Our Make a Difference program is celebrating more than a Decade of Making a Difference! For 14 years we have been collecting, organizing and distributing needed items to the homeless in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles and as of this year to homeless veterans of the San Gabriel Valley.

    We are able to continue our program through a matching donations program with Wells Fargo Bank and because of the generous donations from Covina residents and from members of local communities. Students from Mrs. Edward's classes work all year long to collect jeans, jackets, blankets, t-shirts and toiletries for those in need. Former students in that are in high school, college, and even college graduates continue to be involved with the program.

    Students learn 3 very vital lessons from this program: empathy for those in need, where abuse of drugs and alcohol can lead, and lastly they learn that one person or group truly can make a difference.

    Make A Difference Flyer

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    Brochure created by GenYes students.


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  • WE Day

    We Day is a group that belongs to the WE organization. We Day was originally started by Craig Kielburger when he was just a young boy. Craig wanted to get involved in the anti-child labor movement. WE Day encourages young people to get involved in today's issues using their natural-born talent. They offer the tools kids need to make a change not only in their communities but also all over the world. We Day has raised money to help provide educational opportunities for girls in Kenya by making and selling holiday necklaces and tie-dye shirts. We Day also orchestrated a "Start with Hello" week.

  • Walk A Mile in Our Shoes

    Walk a Mile in Our Shoes is a service-learning project designed to bring awareness to our growing landfills and the need to recycle. Students at S.V. have set a goal of having our families donate 1-mile of shoes! Students in Mrs. Edwards Service Learning Class learn the negative effects of shoes in landfills and create awareness by making short videos and sharing with others on campus.