• Thank you to everyone who applied.  It was an incredibly competitve year and we had some amazing applicants.  

    Due to COVID-19 we were forced to hold interviews online, though that process was difficult, we wanted commend every candidate for their time, ideas, and interview.  

    We are encouraged that the 2020-2021 school year will be South Hills best yet! 


    Lizzy Unchangco
    Julian Acosta
    Maya Espinoza

    Anthony Rasmussen


    Amanda Duarte
    Nataly Gonzalez
    Caitlyn Gomez
    Savannah Gomez


    Havoc In The Hills
    Marley Lazcano
    Isaiah Loyola
    Maya Phillips
    Anthony Schmidt


    Spirit Lead
    Emma Delgado


    Blaze Serio
    Andrew Garcia
    Sophia Lozano
    Kenneth Espiritu


    Sports Lead
    Malek Salahieh


    Adalin Lopez
    Sydney Cotter
    Jordan Rodriguez
    Spencer Froh


    Kassandra Hernandez
    Annelie Garcia
    Natalia Lima
    Sarah Venegas


    Charity Neal
    Marséa Esquivel
    Kim Tran
    Liz Roybal


    Information / Technology Department (I.T. Department)


    Alberto Orozco


    Justin Mocabee
    Myles Farhan
    Rilee Bradbury
    Celeste Lopez


    Corina Cavazos
    Jack Lewis
    Kaitlyn Smith


    Isabella Karpuzyan
    Lailah Reyes


    Ariana Gonzalez
    Kailah Gonzalez


    Victoria Tapa
    Ariana Esqueda


    O.C.'s (On Call)


    Senior On Calls
    Ariel Phillips
    Isaac Veazey-Chavez
    Stazy Reoma


    Junior On Calls
    Ricardo Diaz
    Andres Mitat


    Sophomore On Calls
    Byran Bartolo
    Ethan Boulais


    Freshman On Call
    Savannah Horne


    Class Cabinet


    Senior Class Cabinet
    President- Gabriella Griego
    Vice President- Belle Macedo
    Secretary- Isabella Iglesias
    Treasurer- Haileynne Corona


    Junior Class Cabinet
    President- Rufo Jarso
    Vice President- Drake Quezada
    Secretary- Andrea Cahapay
    Treasurer- Jeremiah Sibrian


    Sophomore Class Cabinet
    President- Tori Loy
    Vice President- Gael Martinez
    Secretary- Julianna Chavez
    Treasurer- Payton Wright


    Freshman Class Cabinet
    President- Juliana Sarmiento
    Vice President- Jad Abdelnour,
    Secretary- Maya George
    Treasurer- Lea Robinson


    President Alyssa Calderon and Vice President Melissa Venegas will be in contact with those on the list above soon. 


    Once again, thank you to all who applied.