South Hills Clubs

  • It is the hope that every student will find an organization that interests them at South Hills. Many clubs are available.  

    School clubs at South Hills are organized for the purpose of service to the school and the community and exist for the personal growth of its members.  Students who become involved in club activities have the opportunity to develop leadership potential in a positive atmosphere.

    Students are encouraged to expand their experiences by joining clubs at South Hills, listed below.

    • Anime Club
    • Art Club
    • City of Hope
    • Code Club
    • CSF
    • Cue Kings
    • Drama
    • E3L (English Language Learners)
    • F.E.A. (Future Engineers of America)
    • FCA (Future Business Leaders of America)
    • Generosity
    • Glee
    • GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance)
    • Husky Signers
    • "I Am" Club
    • IB Club
    • Interact Club
    • Key Club
    • Minority Union
    • Mock Trial
    • Science Club
    • Spanish Club
    • Sports Medicine
    • Tech Club
    • "WE" Day Club
    • Writer's Block