About Fairvalley

  • FHS Counselor Jamie Razo  

    A Note from the School Counselor, Jamie Razo:


    Next year will be my 20th year with CVUSD. I have served thousands of students throughout the years and I enjoy running into former students out in the community. One of my favorite aspects of the job as a School Counselor is guiding students towards earning graduation status and supporting them with college and career readiness. Students at FHS come with credit deficiency and by the time they leave the school it is our ambition to gain credits, create a graduation plan and begin preparing for our Falcon’s futures. Teamwork, dedication and a little bit of magic, guides our students through a new journey. It is not always an easy path but the hard work is both earned and respected. This new ambition guides students towards the preparation that is required to be successful in this ever-changing world. Fairvalley attempts to place all seniors in a Focus On Success / College and Career Prep Course that offers students class time to research a variety of colleges and possible careers of interest. It has been stated in many studies that adults will change jobs up to thirteen times. Students often don’t spend enough time with the most important choice in life, “What do I want to do for a living and what is my purpose?”

    Fairvalley students will be offered time to come up with a College and Career Plan along with guidance through college entry. Mt. Sac Representatives offer workshops and support with enrollment and FAFSA.  We also have representation available from Citrus College and other trade schools and post secondary opportunities. Students are offered transcript chats and guidance with how to catch up in credits. Some will be in need of Adult Ed night classes for English credit recovery, while others may benefit from, work experience or APEX, which is an online course that allows students to make up a limited amount of credits. Welding and newly added Electrician courses have been offered to all juniors and seniors. Scholarship opportunities come through the Counselor as well as mental health service. I am part-time at FHS but offer a fulltime service. I look forward to serving students and their families and I can be reached at the ATP main office. (626) 974-4822.



    This is a great time to attend Fairvalley High School.  We do not see ourselves as merely a continuation high school.  We see our school as an alternative to the larger high school.  Fairvalley High School students have unlimited access to technology.  The depth of our coursework is steadily on the rise in order for our students to find the same level of rigor that they had at the comprehensive high school.  This is to ensure that our students will be prepared to respond to that same level of rigor upon return to the comprehensive high school and/or transition to college. However, a smaller class size promotes a less restrictive environment in each of our classes so that individual attention helps our students gain access to learning they may not have encountered in the larger school setting.  Like the comprehensives, Fairvalley students take the PSAT and SAT as well as all other district assessments.  Furthermore, Fairvalley High School maintains consortiums and partnerships with colleges such as Citrus College, Mount San Antonio College, and Azusa Pacific University.

    Fairvalley High School is now part of the San Gabriel Valley Continuation League (SGVCL) which is an athletic league.  Our Falcons compete in flag football, basketball, softball, and soccer with alternative high schools all over the San Gabriel Valley.  After school offerings include welding, ROP classes, and adult education classes in which students can earn additional elective credit as they pursue potential careers.  In addition, our students may decide to join the workforce after school from which they can earn elective credit while earning pay and acquiring job skills.

    Fairvalley students participate in school leadership and a myriad of extracurricular activities such as dance club, art projects beyond the classroom, field trips, and an after-school fitness program.  2018 saw the inauguration of Fairvalley's first prom and we are adding a back-to-school dance and a Halloween dance.

    Many of our students come to us with the intention of getting caught up on credits but decide later that Fairvalley is a better fit for them.  As our reputation continues to grow, Fairvalley High School is rapidly becoming a school of choice.  For that matter, Fairvalley is a California Model Continuation High School!