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Northview High School ASB
  • Make A Wish Rally Nominations - NOW OPEN

    On December 7th, we will have our annual Make a Wish Rally. If you would like to nominate someone, please fill out the form in the following link and submit it by Friday, November 9th.

    Make A Wish Rally Nomination Form



  • Northview High School ASB

    Executive Board

    President: Sophia Ortiz
    Vice President: Emily Salas
    Secretary: Andrea Hernandez
    Treasurer: Nevaeh Rubio

    2019 Senior Class Cabinet

    President: Carla Blass
    Vice President: Marina Chacon
    Treasurer: Samantha Alaniz
    Secretary: Daniela Limon

    2020 Junior Class Cabinet

    President: Thaily Rodriguez
    Vice President: Esmeralda Herrera
    Treasurer: TBD
    Secretary: Briana Wilson

    2021 Sophomore Class Cabinet

    President: Cassandra Gallardo
    Vice President: Jasmine Leiva
    Treasurer: Ronnie Mendez
    Secretary: Noah Young

    2022 Freshman Class Cabinet

    President: Jacob Leon
    Vice President: Kealohilani "Lani" Santos
    Treasurer: Sabrina Rincon
    Secretary: Bella Gomez