• *Your 2020-2021 NHS ASB*

    Executive Board

    President: Jazmine Leiva
    Vice President: Jacob Leon

    2021 Senior Class Cabinet

    President: Chantal Espindola
    Vice President: Nathan Perez
    Treasurer/Secretary: Jackie Ron

    2022 Junior Class Cabinet

    President: Kealohilani Santos
    Vice President: Sabrina Rincon
    Treasurer/Secretary: Zak Gonzalez

    2023 Sophomore Class Cabinet

    President: Monica Rosales
    Vice President: James Arellanes
    Treasurer/Secretary: Dayana Pamplona


    New Student Liaison and Publicity Intern: Ruben Diaz (11th)

    Commissioners Technology: Bella Nguyen (12th), Jason Niz (11th), Guicely Rosales (11th)

    Commissioners of Rallies: Brianna Dellinger (12th), Ylaria Valadez (12th), Nick Peoples (11th)

    Head of Special Events: Ashley Meza (12th)

    Commissioners of Special Events: Shyann Henry (12th), Sandra Ruvalcaba (11th)

    Head of Crossfire: Bella Gomez (11th)

    Commissioners of Crossfire: Noah Young (12th), Diego Frey (11th)

    Head of Athletics: Aidan Wilson (12th)

    Commissioners of Athletics: Marc LeGaspe (12th), Louie Cortes (10th)

    Head of Publicity: Natalie Gonzalez-Mendoza (11th)

    Commissioners of Publicity: Alice Polanco (10th), Kalina Diaz (10th)