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Northview High School ASB
  • 2020-2021 ASB Application - NOW OPEN

    Vikings! If you're interested in joining our ASB leadership program at Northview, please fill out the ASB application at the link below.

    The deadline to submit the form is Friday, May 1st.

    All applicants, regardless of the position you're applying for, must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, must not have excessive absences or tardies, and must have two teacher recommendations.

    2020-2021 ASB Application

Northview High School ASB

  • Executive Board

    President: Robert Peña
    Vice President: Esmeralda Herrera
    Secretary: Destiny Barrera
    Treasurer: Jazmine Leiva

    2020 Senior Class Cabinet

    President: Daniela Marin
    Vice President: Andrew Martinez Alas
    Treasurer: TBA
    Secretary: Andrea Henstch

    2021 Junior Class Cabinet

    President: Noah Young
    Vice President: Cassandra Gallardo
    Treasurer: Aidan Wilson
    Secretary: Ashley Meza

    2022 Sophomore Class Cabinet

    President: Jacob Leon
    Vice President: Lani Santos
    Treasurer: Sabrina Rincon
    Secretary: Diego Frey

    2023 Freshman Class Cabinet

    President: James Arellanes
    Vice President: Valeria Medrano
    Treasurer: Brenda Ferreyra
    Secretary: Chelsae Reyes-Ocampo


    New Student Liaison: Ruben Diaz (10th)

    Commissioners of Technology: Diana Rincon (Head - 12th), Francisco Moreno (12th), Elisha Reyes (11th), Evan Espinoza-Conde (10th)

    Commissioners of Special Events: Brianna Nguyen (Head - 12th), Jasmine Garcia (10th), Monica Rosales (9th)

    Commissioners of Athletics: Jackie Ron (Head - 11th), Wyatt Lewis (12th), Bella Gomez (10th), Karena Rincon (9th)

    Commissioners of Rallies: Brianna Dellinger (Head - 11th), Aaliyah Rogers Mercy-Jones (12th), Natalie Gonzalez-Mendoza (10th), Princess Espinoza-Conde (9th)

    Commissioners of Crossfire: Dalia Martinez (Co-Head - 12th), Sandra Ruvalcaba (Co-Head - 10th), Shyann Henry (11th), Layla Mercado (9th)