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Mr. Froid

Physical Education

Physical Education rules and regulations                                                           

Lost / Misplaced or PE Clothing Left At Home

  1. Every student must dress for PE each day. Students without PE uniforms must check-in with their PE teacher immediately upon entering the PE area and will be issued a loaner PE uniform for that day. Students are required to dress and participate using the loaners. Infractions cards must be given to teacher in order to check out loaner. (Loaner clothing is laundered after each use.) 
  2. Repeated non-dress incidents will affect student grades and may result in more serious disciplinary actions if it becomes a habit. 
  3. Lost clothing must be replaced ASAP. ($20 per set)

Sick or Injured Students

  1. Parent notes excusing PE due to illness/injury will be accepted to excuse students from rigorous PE activities lasting 3 days or less. Parent notes DO NOT excuse students from dressing and walking. Students will be expected to suit-up for PE and walk during the PE class. Doctor notes must be submitted when PE exclusions last more than 3 days. 
  2. Doctor notes excusing PE must be submitted to the office and a copy will be given to the teacher for students who need to be excluded from general PE activities for a period lasting more than 3 days (i.e., running, jumping, throwing/catching/hitting balls, etc.). The doctor note must identify the medical diagnosis and specific period of time that the student is to be excluded from physical education. (Parents must notify the school office if there is a serious medical condition).


  1. Students will collect points daily for dressing and participating
  2. 3 non-dresses will result in student’s lowering one letter grade.
  3. 5 non-dresses will result an F in P.E.
  4. Students will receive a “work habit” check if they do not participate, which will result in losing participation points for the day. A warning will be given before the “work habit” check.
  5. Infractions will be given for every non-dress.


Locks and Lockers

Every student will be given a lock and locker. DO NOT share your combination or locker with any other student.  Students are responsible for lost locks and the cost is $5. A new lock will be issued once paid.

Tardy Policy

Students will be marked tardy if they are not in the locker room when the bell rings.


-Tennis shoes must be worn to P.E.  Flats or slip-ons are not allowed.
-Shirts must be tucked in.
-Student’s name must be written on shirt and shorts.

-Sweatshirts and sweatpants are permitted, but must be the color of the uniform (grey, green or white)