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Mr. Ho

The Plan
The ultimate goal of any math class is to improve your thinking and problem-solving skills. I will be asking you to think. The regurgitation of facts is important in all academia, but unless you can think critically, there is no benefit to learning. We all have access to Google. Math is a participation sport as opposed to a spectator sport. You can watch basketball, but you cannot become skilled, by just watching. If you want to acquire awesome b-ball skills, you must put on your high-tops, get the ball in your hands and play, A LOT! If you want to be awesome at math, you cannot just watch others do it. You have to move the ball (pencil) A LOT! Unless you were born a math prodigy, moving the pencil is the ONLY way to make math yours. Remember, "There may be people more talented that you but there is no excuse for anyone working harder than you." - Derek Jeter
Online Resources
You do not learn alone. Discuss what you are learning with others. You can access a discussion group for your class on the piazza website. On, you will be able to post questions for me and others to answer. You will also be able to see questions posted by others in your class. This can be done anytime, even when you are working on your homework. If I am online (which will be most of the time), I will answer your shortly. There are 2 ways to add to your participation points on 1) Posting good questions. 2) Contribute to the posts of others.