State Preschool

  • The State Preschool Program, funded by the California Department of Education's Child Development Division, is a preschool program for children from income-eligible families who turn three or four before December 1st or turn three after December 1st. provided there is not a waiting list, and whose families have a need for childcare. As a child-centered program, our state preschool classrooms add to a joyful childhood and is filled with inviting, developmentally appropriate learning and kindergarten readiness experiences. In partnership with parents, children are prepared for success in school and community.

    A developmentally appropriate curriculum, aligned with the California Preschool Developmental Foundations and "Creative Curriculum" addresses the cognitive, language, social-emotional, and physical development of each child. The home languages of all children are welcomed by the teachers in a language and literacy-rich environment. Respect and support for the home language and culture, the family, and the community provides the focus for bridging home and preschool.

    Children's growth and development are assessed twice each year using the Desired Results Developmental Profile. Teachers regularly adjust instruction, based on student outcomes and observations of each child in order to engage the children's interest and maximize learning. A Fall and Spring parent conference is scheduled each year and parents are invited to speak with the teachers about the child at any time. Families complete the Desired Results Family Survey ever year. Data from the survey is used to ensure that we are meeting the needs of families.

    Who Do We Serve?

    • Students who turn 3 before December 1st.
    • Students who turn 4 before December 1st.
    • Students who turn three after December 1st. provided there is no waiting list.

    Who Qualifies?

    • Families who are income-eligible (Based on the number of family members and gross income earned).
    • Full-time students who are studying for a specific vocational goal
    • Those who are currently unemployed and are seeking employment
    • Parents seeking permanent housing
    • Parental Incapacity