• English as a Second Language
    Ingles Como Segunda Idioma

    Tri-Community will provide educational activities that enable adult English language learners to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain employment, become full partners in the educational development of their children, improve economic opportunities for their family, and aid in gaining the skills to advance their education to postsecondary education and training. This will include instruction in literacy and English language acquisition, what it means to be a citizen in the United States, civic participation, and the path to gainful employment.

    Este programma esta disponilble para estudiantes interesadod en  aprender a hablar, leer, y escribir el idioma ingles. Cuidado de ninos disponible.

     Days & Times  Location  Instructor  Price
     1000.01 ESL Level 1  M-Th 9-12 Noon  Pioneer Center, Room 8  Parker  No Fee
     1000.02 ESL Level 2  M-Th 9-12 Noon  Pioneer Center, Room 7  Cowper  No Fee
     1000.03 ESL Level 3  M-Th 9-12 Noon  Pioneer Center, Room 24  Ver Halen  No Fee
     1000.04 ESL Level 4  M-Th 9-12 Noon  Pioneer Center, Room 6  Banuelos  No Fee
     1000.12 ESL Level 1  M-Th 6-9 PM  Pioneer Center, Room 8  Parker  No Fee
     1000.13 ESL Level 2  M-Th 6-9 PM  Pioneer Center, Room 7  Carter  No Fee
     1000.14 ESL Level 3/4  M-Th 6-9 PM  Pioneer Center, Room 6  Banuelos  No Fee