Computer and Business Workshops

  • Introduction to Computers
    (6-weeks beginning August 29, 2018)
    Computers are essential tools in almost all kinds of activity in virtually every type of business. This course will help you understand essential computer concepts. You will learn about computers, their components, and the software they run. You will learn about input and output, how a computer processes data and stores information, how information is transmitted, and ways to secure that information. Additionally, you will become familiar with Windows 10, which includes understanding file management.

     Days & Times  Location  Instructor  Price
     9000.01  Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 PM  Main Campus, Room 11  Gonzalez  $65

    Microsoft Excel 2016

    This course will teach you how to: Create a spreadsheet; format cells, rows, columns and entire worksheets so they fit and match your data; enter data into a spreadsheet; use formulas and functions for math, accounting and totaling.

     Days & Times  Location  Instructor  Price
     9000.51  Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 PM  Main Campus, Room 11  Gonzalez  $125

    Microsoft Word 2016

    (6-weeks beginning October 10, 2018)
    This course will teach you how to navigate and perform common tasks in Word, such as opening, viewing, editing, saving and printing documents; format text and paragraphs; perform repetitive operations efficiently using tools such as “Find and Replace”, “Format Printer” and “Styles”; create and format tables; insert graphic objects into a document, including symbols, special characters, illustrations, pictures and clip art.

     Days & Times  Location  Instructor  Price
     9000.53  Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 PM  Main Campus, Room 11  Gonzalez  $65