• Covina-Valley is committed to developing students' creativity and skills while preparing them for college and careers through academies. Career academies combine academic and technical curricula centered on a particular educational theme. Academies aim to keep students engaged in the learning process and prepare them for successful transitions after high school. Our four career academies include our Instructional Technology Academy, FAME (Fine Arts, Media, and Entertainment), the Finance and Business Academy, and our Trade Center.

    South Hills High School: Technology Academy
    Information Technology is the field of the future. Our global economy is driven by technology and highly skilled individuals in this field are in high demand. The state-of-the-art Technology Academy is designed for those students who are intrigued with advances in the world of multimedia and will go beyond the ordinary high school experience to cultivate skills acknowledged to be essential in the 21st Century workplace. Students have the ability to explore advanced computer languages and computer programming, culminating in enrollment in AP Computer Science or industry certification. The pathway courses incorporate STEM –principals of engineering, video productions, robotics, graphic design, and computer science. In addition to the academic core, the Technology Academy includes: Computer Applications, Computer Science, Multimedia and WWW, Web Development and Design, Advanced Web Development and AP Computer Science.

    Northview High School: Fine Arts, Media, and Entertainment (FAME)
    A vast range of creative and technical knowledge and skills are a part of the learning discipline in the Arts and Entertainment Academy. The visual arts are explored using current industry standard digital media and a production studio with highly sophisticated equipment for filming and editing. Pathways include Media and Design Arts, Performing Arts or Production and Managerial Arts. The pathway courses in addition to the academic core include: Video I and II, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Graphic Communications, Digital Filmmaking, Video Editing and Broadcast Operations I and II, Introduction to Television Production, Television and Broadcast Journalism Production, Digital Photography I and II, Digital Art, and Screenwriting as Literature.

    Covina High School: Finance and Business Academy
    Students who are passionate about entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting will find a home in the Finance and Business Academy. Students are introduced to careers in accounting services, financial management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, and they are provided opportunities to enhance their skills in mathematics, communications, and technology. Students will acquire extensive knowledge of the financial industry and modern business practices through enhanced technology and community partnerships. Pathways in this academy, in addition to the academic core, include: Accounting, Business Principles and Practice, Computer Applications, Computer Science, and Digital Media in Marketing.

    Trade Tech Academy
    The Trade Center offers courses to students whose discipline of choice revolves around a hands-on approach. Courses in welding, HVAC, and other trades are being designed.


    Course offerings may vary from school to school. Please consult your school counselor for specific courses offered at your school.