• The Assessment and Accountability Department is focused on the research, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Covina-Valley Unified School District’s assessment program, curriculum and instruction programs, as well as its instructional and informational technology. Following, implementing and articulating the District’s mission, theory of action and objectives, this department organizes, directs, and supervises all aspects of assessment involving the District, state and national assessment programs. Their responsibilities include the analysis, interpretation and reporting of assessment results.

    The Assessment and Accountability department provides support to the schools through the facilitation of all state and federally mandated testing (STAR, CAHSEE, Physical Fitness, CELDT, NAEP), facilitation of all district benchmark assessments, and the compilation of significant and meaningful data from these assessments. This department also plays an important role in working with schools to utilize assessment data to diagnose student learning and evaluate the quality of our programs.  Through the use of Illuminate, a data and assessment management system, school administrators and teachers have immediate access to student achievement data to inform, adjust and advance instruction. This data is used to help staff and administration diagnose how students can learn to the best of their abilities. The goal of Assessment and Accountability is to accurately guide instruction though the use of precise and timely data from a variety of assessments. 

    Our major objectives this year are three-fold; the implementation of the Illuminate software program to assist in the delivery and analysis of all assessments and the delivery of report cards for grades K-5, collaboration with our professional staff to design new benchmark assessments that accurately measure the new Common Core State Standards in the same methods as the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessments, and the design of new report cards for grades 2-5 for the 2013-2014 school year that reflect the new Common Core State Standards.

    Tenets of the Assessment and Accountability Department

    We provide service and support to our district office, our school sites, our administrators, our teachers, and our classified staff.

    The purpose of assessment is to improve student performance and diagnose student learning, not merely measure it.

    Assessment is not about raising test scores; it is about improving the quality of our instructional program.

    The analysis of assessments is to inform teacher instruction and improve student learning, rather than merely show testing results.