• ESY Information

    ESY is scheduled to be held via a digital platform during the following dates:

    Preschool: June 8-July 2

    Elementary and Middle School: June 8-June 26

    High School: June 8-July 10

    Adult Transition Program: June 8-June 26

    If you have not yet registered for ESY, please use the link below to register: 

    ESY Registration Link

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding ESY, please contact the ESY supervisor:
    Vanessa Burgueno - vburgueno@c-vusd.org
    Kindergarten to 8th grades:
    Dr. Mathew Kodoma - mkodoma@c-vusd.org 
    High School CHS: 
    Christian Aleman - caleman@c-vusd.org
    Adult Transition:
    Dana Craig - dcraig@c-vusd.org
    DHH ESY:
    Christine Kansaku - ckansaku@c-vusd.org

    Mission Statement

    The Special Education Department is dedicated to ensuring that all students receive individualized services and supports in an inclusive culture to provide a future of limitless possibilities.