Student Handbook

  • Principal’s Message

    Las Palmas Middle School welcomes you to our campus. Las Palmas is proud to hold the distinguished designations as a State and National Schools to Watch, a nationally awarded AVID Demonstration School and a Renaissance Recognition Movement school. Las Palmas offers educational and social programs crafted to prepare our students for limitless possibilities. Our teachers provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum designed to meet each student's educational and social needs. We are thrilled to be able to offer rigorous courses geared to prepare students for high school and set them on a path for college and career readiness.

    In addition to our curricular offerings we also participate in student leadership programs such as ASB, WEB, and the Renaissance Recognition movement. Our students have the opportunity to practice after school athletics, various service clubs, GATE mini-courses, field trips, and Saturday Lancer Academy.

    We know how critical these middle school years are for students to be academically challenged and socio-emotionally supported in order to help them reach their full potential. Thank you in advance for your support and partnership in your child’s educational journey as a proud Las Palmas Middle School, Lancer!


    Sebastian Puccio, Ed.D, Principal


    Las Palmas Mission Statement

    Las Palmas is committed to providing a collaborative learning environment which empowers students to achieve academically and socially through a rigorous curriculum, engaging learning experiences, proven programs, and evidence-based strategies in order to develop lifelong learners.


    Las Palmas Vision Statement

    Las Palmas strives to prepare students to think critically, advance academically, communicate effectively, and develop into independent individuals who contribute productively to society.


    Instructional Focus

    English/Language Arts

    The Las Palmas Middle School Community will work together to ensure all students show measurable growth in reading comprehension, through the implementation of AVID reading strategies, which can be measured by iReady, Accelerated Reader, SBAC and other common assessments.


    The Las Palmas Middle School Community will work together to ensure that all students show growth in the area of Number Systems and Operations, through the implementation of our signature practices, which can be measured by iReady, SBAC, and other common assessments.


    The LANCER Way



    Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, Counselor, School Psychologist

    Your counselor is always ready to help you with your schedule, class progress, school or personal concerns, but an appointment should be made. The Assistant Principal or Dean will help you with any disciplinary or attendance questions that may arise. One of their main concerns is helping to resolve social conflicts. Always let the Assistant Principal or Dean know of any situation on campus that is possibly dangerous. The Principal is available to discuss any issues that may concern you about the school.  Teacher conferences with any staff member may be arranged by calling the school to set up an appointment, or by emailing the teacher directly.


    8th Grade End Of The Year Expectations

    Eighth graders will be able to participate in several end of the year promotion activities. In order to be able to qualify for these privileges students must adhere to the following:

    • Be clear of all school charges.
    • Not have excessive or major behavior referrals
    • Not have poor citizenship grades (1 U or 2 or more N's)
    • Students new to Las Palmas due to discipline transfers are ineligible to attend the dance and 8th grade trip.  
    • Passing all classes both semesters. Students who fail a class during first semester must serve two Lancer Academies for every one F.



    ASB stands for Associated Student Body and it represents the interests and goals of the entire School Student Body. ASB is the principal student government body on campus headed by four officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer who govern the entire student body. The class consists of the ASB officers, commissioners, and accepted applicants. ASB is responsible for planning and carrying out student activities such as dances, intramurals, lunch activities and



    Las Palmas is also an active Renaissance School, recognizing and honoring those students who obtain 3.0 or higher GPA as well as those students who show a .5 improvement from one semester to the next.  These students are honored at academic rallies twice a year and with activities throughout the year. Students identified as Renaissance participants are also rewarded throughout each semester with other incentives and activities. Any student who owes money from fundraisers, textbooks or sports will not be allowed to participate in any ASB sponsored event. This includes students with poor citizenship or behavior as well.

    Renaissance Requirements

    Renaissance is a celebration twice a year to honor students academic success in order to be a part of the celebration students must have the following GPA criteria for the prior semester

    • Gold – 3.8 to a 4.0
    • Silver – 3.0 to 3.7
    • Lancer – 0.5 Increase


    Office Telephone

    Office telephones are for school business. Therefore, student calls will be limited to emergencies only. Students must have permission from the teacher to leave the classroom for any emergency call. Forgetting homework, lunch or lunch money, or gym clothes are NOT considered emergencies.



    If you should become ill during the school day, report your illness to your teacher, obtain a pass, and go to the office, DO NOT USE your personal cell phone. The phone may be held for parent pick up. Immediately report all injuries to your teacher and/or office personnel.  Your classroom teacher will handle any minor first aid problems such as small cuts or scratches.



    During school hours, students are not to be in possession of any medication including over the counter drugs such as Tylenol, or an inhaler.  If it is necessary for your student to take a prescribed dose of medication or use an inhaler, you must obtain the necessary form from the school office, take it to your physician for completion and return it to the school office.  All medication must be kept in a locked cabinet in the school office. Please be assured that your student will be permitted to come to the office to take any medication prescribed by his/her physician. Your cooperation and understanding in this matter is appreciated.


    Parent Messages/Items Left in Office

    In order to minimize the disruption of the education of our students, phone calls to classrooms to pick up items from the office will not be made. Prior arrangements with your student to pick up items on the students free time is recommended. Personal messages and or phone numbers cannot be relayed to students to protect their safety. In addition due to the disruption it causes delivery of flowers and balloons to the office will not be accepted. This also applies to birthday cake or celebratory food being brought on to campus.


    Lost and Found

    If you should find an item, please turn it into the office.  If you have lost an item, you should check in the cafeteria. All unclaimed items will be given to charity at the end of each quarter.



    Student visitors are not permitted.  Adult visitors must first obtain clearance at the office. Parents will need to give reasonable advance notice of visits by person who are not employees of the District. Visits by parents/guardians of students shall be arranged by mutually agreed upon conference faculty or staff member and the persons scheduling the visit. Classroom visitations or observations by representative of outside agencies, educational or community, will be scheduled in cooperation with the school official whenever possible. Visitors will have to receive clearance through our Raptor Program.

    Civility Code for visitors

    The Board of Education encourages parents/guardian and interested members of the community to visit the schools to view and discuss the educational programs. To ensure minimum interruption of the instructional program, visits during school hours should be arranged 24 hours in advance with the teacher, principal, administrator, or District facilities. The teacher and principal will determine whether proposed times and length for visitation or observations may be disruptive of instructions or not in the best interest of students. To ensure the safety of students & staff and avoid potential disruptions, all visitors shall register with the principal or designee upon entering school grounds. The principal and designee may refuse to register or may revoke the registration of any visitor if he/she reasonably concludes that the visitors present or acts would disrupt the school, students, or employees. The Board of Education believes all employees should have the opportunity to carry out their duties and interactions with the public in a professional manner. The Board affirms that employees should not be subject to abusive behavior. Abusive behavior is defined as the use of obscenities, yelling, or defamatory language, the use of any threatening words or phrases, or the use of any threatening behavior to intimidate or otherwise berate employees.


    Attendance, Tardiness, and Truancies

    1. The California State Education Code requires your attendance at school. All students should plan to arrive no later than 7:45 am. There is no campus supervision available prior to that time.
    2. Tardy means being late to school or to class.  If you arrive late to school, go straight to the office to receive a pass. If you are late 20 minutes or more you will be marked absent for the period.
    3. Excessive tardiness has an effect on your citizenship grade and is cause to be assigned detention or to Lancer Academy.
    4. We have a closed campus and students are expected to remain on the school grounds from their time of arrival at school until they are dismissed at the end of their day.
    5. If you are absent for any reason, you are required upon returning to school, have with you a note; signed by your parent/guardian or Dr., that states when and why you were absent. You must report the absence to the office within 3 days of the return date to clear an unexcused absence. Failure to do so will result in the absence becoming truancy.
    6. Truancy can result in detention or an assignment to Lancer Academy.  Repeated truancies/abs. will result in referral to the school’s resource officer and a citation may be issued. Also, the District’s Child Welfare and Attendance Officer can refer violation to the School Attendance Review Board.  
    7. Unless you are involved in a school-sponsored activity, leave the campus immediately following school.  If you are involved in an activity, leave immediately after the conclusion of your activity. For the safety of your student please pick them up in a timely manner.
    8.  If you have to enroll in another school, you need to obtain a transfer from the office.  Always notify the office of a change of address, home telephone number, parents’ cell, work, or emergency phone numbers.


    Every Day Counts

    Good attendance is necessary in order to increase your student’s chances for success. Las Palmas Middle School has Lancer Academy that will take place on Saturdays to further enhance your student’s education. We are inviting students who have attained 3 absences. In order to keep your student on track, it is strongly encouraged that they attend these sessions.  


    Extended Absences

    California Education Code provides for students who will need extended periods of absence. If your student will be out for a minimum of 5 days, and a maximum of 10, they may be placed on an independent study contract. Parents must notify the office 10 days prior to the leave of absence to be eligible. This is done In order to maintain the instruction of your student.


    After School Activities

    After school events are a privilege to attend not a right, we expect that students who attend do so with parent permission, and are in good standing in both academics and citizenship. All school rules apply including dress code and use of electronics.  Students attending these events may not leave campus and return later on in the afternoon. Students must have good citizenship and grades to participate in these activities.   Students wishing to attend after school dances or attend sporting events must not have any poor citizenship marks, such as N’s or U’s, on his or her quarter grades.  


    Restrooms and Halls

    You are expected to do your part to help keep the restrooms and buildings clean and free of litter, defacement and graffiti. Loitering is not allowed. Seventh and eighth-grade students are not allowed in the sixth-grade restrooms. If it is necessary for you to be in the hallways during class hours, you must have your agenda book with the “Hall Pass” page filled out. Please refrain from loud talking, running, or any distracting activity.  Do not gather in groups large enough to block the passage of others.



    Las Palmas is serving breakfast now at 7:20 in the morning. Please do not drop off your students before 7:20.



    You have the option of bringing your lunch to school, purchasing a hot tray lunch from the cafeteria or ordering from the snack bar. ALL campuses in the Covina-Valley Unified School District are closed.  You may not leave the campus at any time without permission from authorized office personnel. Because of tardiness problems, we do not encourage parents taking their students to lunch. However, in those rare instances where this happens, friends will not be released to go with them. Again, all students must be checked out through the office. Students are not allowed to take any food items off campus.


    Library Media Center

    The library is open for your use before and after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  During school hours, you will need a pass from your teacher. Your cooperation is requested in observing the following library regulations:

    1. Books may be checked out for a two-week time period.  If necessary, they may be renewed.
    2. 2. Reference books and some magazines may not be checked out.
    3. Student I.D.s are necessary for checking items out and for using computers.
    4. Outstanding library fines may result in the student being excluded from A.S.B. sponsored activities.


    Homework/Makeup Work

    The school office will not collect or solicit homework.

    All teachers have an email account and their addresses are listed at our website in the Staff Directory on the Las Palmas Website ( Contact your student’s teachers via email for any homework questions or concerns about your student.



    Your textbooks are issued to you without charge.  At the end of each course, you should return your textbooks in much the same condition as you received them. If your text or library book is lost or damaged, you will be required to make payment for the damage or loss.  The number of the book returned must match the number of the book issued to you.


    Physical Education

    You are expected to dress in Las Palmas P.E. clothes (shorts, tee-shirts and gym shoes) for your P.E. classes.  You are responsible for having a clean set of gym clothes each week. Lost clothing is the student’s responsibility. A note from your parent is required if you cannot participate in P.E.  Any excuse longer than three days requires a note from your doctor.

    Locks and Lockers

    Where locks and lockers are provided, students are responsible for their care and contents.  Students are also responsible for the care of all school property and will be held accountable for damages or loss.  The school administration reserves the right to enter school lockers as necessary.


    Las Palmas Student/Athlete Code of Conduct

    • All students can participate in the after-school sports program and parent permission is needed to participate (Tryouts and practices are closed to the public).  
    • All Student-Athletes must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average, maintain good citizenship marks (No more than 2 N's or 1 U), and demonstrate positive behavior on campus and throughout the community.  
    • To determine eligibility, the most current grades will be used.  For the fall sports season, the final grades of the previous school year will be used.
    • Sports programs offered are:
      • Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country (September)
      • Basketball (December)
      • Track and Field (March)



    Everyone is capable of being a good citizen.  However, those students who earn several poor citizenship marks may be restricted from participation in school activities.

    Outstanding Citizenship

    • Few, if any, tardies and/or excused absences per semester
    • Participates in class regularly
    • Brings required materials, such as pen, paper, homework, independent reading, agenda, binder, PE clothes
    • Models the six pillars of character:
      • Respect: Uses good manners & positive language; acts considerate of others; honors other people’s feelings, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, choices, abilities, & property.
      • Responsibility: Does his/her best; has self-control & discipline; is accountable for his/her actions; engages in healthful habits; does the right thing; follows through on commitments.
      • Caring: Is kind, courteous, & compassionate; forgives others; helps people in need; is a giver & lifelong learner
      • Trustworthiness: Is honest & reliable; a person others can count on; says what you mean, means what you say; has the courage to do the right thing; builds a strong reputation
      • Fairness: Is an open-minded good listener; plays by the rules; takes turns and shares; Is a team player, good sport, & perceptive thinker
      • Citizenship: Respects authority; stays informed; obeys laws & rules; makes our school a better place; is a good all-around person; protects the environment

    Satisfactory Citizenship

    • Few, if any, tardies and/or excused absences per semester
    • Participates in class
    • Brings required materials, such as pen, paper, homework, independent reading, agenda, binder, PE clothes
    • Follows the six pillars of character

    Needs Improvement Citizenship

    • Excessive tardies and/or absences
    • Sometimes participates in class
    • Required materials are not always brought to class
    • The Six Pillars of Character are not often followed

    Unsatisfactory Citizenship

    • Excessive tardies and/or absences
    • Does not participate in class, or does so in a negative manner
    • Required materials are often not brought to class
    • The Six Pillars of Character are not often followed


    Expectations for Student Behavior

    We have high academic and social expectations for all students. Academic expectations stress not only disciplined work, but the joy of learning and its importance to society. Social expectations stress the importance of learning in a group, respect for human differences, and the rights and responsibilities of the individual -- all of which any community needs to survive and grow. The contents of the following sections are not inclusive of the rules and regulations of the California Education Code and or the policies of Las Palmas Middle School and the Covina-Valley Unified School District.


    Dress Code

    Covina-Valley Unified School District actively supports the concept of providing a safe, positive atmosphere on campuses in order to allow all students to excel, to feel physically and emotionally secure, to establish tolerance for everyone, to exercise personal responsibility and good judgment, and to focus on learning.  Student dress has been shown to influence behavior and the learning environment. The following policy regarding student attire has been approved by the Board of Education.

    1.  Students are expected to wear or display the following:

      Clothing that is hemmed and free from tears, rips, and holes

      1. Clothing that covers undergarments and the back. Leggings and yoga pants can only be worn with a skirt or shorts. No sleeveless or see-through shirts or blouses.
      2. School and personal property (i.e. notebooks and backpacks) that are free of graffiti (refer to 2.a. - e. below)
      3. Clothing and accessories worn in the manner in which they were designed to be worn
      4.  Students may not wear, display or be in possession of clothing and/or accessories that:
        1. Indicate an association with a group (such as taggers), gang, crew, or music group, which is determined to be detrimental to the safety and well being of the school community. This applies to students who dress the same to affiliate as a “group” on campus
        2. Are obscene, sexually explicit, suggestive, or derogatory. Express or advocate violence; express racial, gender, ethnic or religious messages interpreted by school personnel as negative, derogatory or inappropriate
        3.  Promote or advocate the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or intoxicants of any kind
        4. Create a disruption to the safe and orderly operation of the school. Specific examples include, but are not limited to: Hats, beanies, bandanas oversized belts hanging from under apparel, belt buckles with initials or logos, gloves, or footwear that has metal toes, shoes worn in particular colors or with shoelaces in particular colors that represent gangs or racist attitudes.

      Jewelry/accessories that have the potential to be distractive, dangerous and therefore not allowed such items as: Sunglasses, Wallet chain, body or facial piercing (safety hazard), spiked ear spacers, laser pens, electrical shocking devices, chain or metal ball necklaces, piercing, studded belts and or bracelets oversized apparel hoop earrings larger than 2”, pants that will not stay at the waist without a belt, excessive bagginess, etc., long socks worn under shorts, excessively long shirts or clothing that is overly tight, revealing, or extremely short.. Distractive unnatural hair color or style. A coordinated style that is associated with gang/group affiliation will not be allowed. No open-toed shoes, sandals, and flip-flops.


      Ed. Code 48901.5

      School administrators will continue to evaluate issues related to appearance and clothing and will make reasonable decisions regarding dress standards that reflect the goals of safety and a positive learning environment.  Parents are urged to call the Assistant Principal for clarification.

      Student Conduct

      Students are subjected to the criminal, civil, and education laws for the state of California: For more information go to the CDE website (

      Education Code Section 48900 (1), (2), and 48900.7 indicate that those students who have violated any of the following may be subject to suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion from school.  On occasion, however, the Saturday Work Program may be assigned in lieu of a suspension.

      1.  48900(1) Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.  Or (2) willfully used force or violence upon the person of another except in self-defense (battery, homicide, etc.)
      2. Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object unless principal or assistant principal gives written permission. Possession of an explosive (which includes, but is not limited to, M-80s, M-100s, M-250s and M-1000s) is a mandatory expellable offense which requires that the principal or superintendent of schools shall immediately suspend, pursuant to Section 48911, and shall recommend expulsion of a pupil that he or she determines has been in possession of an explosive on school grounds or at a school activity.  The governing board shall order a pupil expelled upon finding that the pupil committed such an act.
      3. Unlawfully possessed, used, sold or otherwise furnished or been under the influence of any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind.
      4. Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind and then sold, delivered or furnished something represented to be controlled, but was a substitute or was not what was represented.
      5. Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.
      6. Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property.
      7. Stolen or attempted to steal school or private property.
      8. Possessed or used tobacco or any tobacco products.
      9. Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
      10. The unlawful possession of, offered, or arranged or negotiated any sale of drug paraphernalia.
      11. Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or other school personnel.
      12. Knowingly received stolen school or private property.
      13. “Possession of a replica of a firearm.”
      14. Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault as defined in Sections 261, 266C, 286, 288, 288a, or 289 of the Penal Code or committed a sexual battery, as defined in Section 243.4 of the Penal Code.
      15. Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or witness in a school disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that pupil from being a witness or retaliating against that pupil for being a witness, or both.
      16. Possession of an explosive (which includes, but is not limited to, M-80s’, M-100’s, M-250’s, and M-1000’s) is a mandatory expellable offense.
      17. A pupil who aids or abets the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury to another person may suffer suspension, but not expulsion, pursuant to the provisions of this section.
      18. Engaged in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by means of an electronic act, as defined in subdivisions (f) and (g) of Section 32261, directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel.

      Education Code Section 48900.2 (sexual harassment).  Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature (Education Code 212.5)

      Education Code Section 48900.3.  Causes or attempted to cause, threatened to cause, or participated in an act of hate violence, as defined in subdivision (e) of section 33032.5.

      Education Code Section 48900.4.  Intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation, directed against a student or group of students that results in materially disrupting class work, creating substantial disorder, and invading the rights of that student or group of students by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment.

      Education Code Section 48900.7.  Terrorist Threats.   Pupil made terrorist threats against school officials or school property, or both.

      1. Oral or written statement by a person who willfully threatens to commit a crime causing death, great bodily injury to another person, or property in excess of $1,000.00.
      2. With the specific intent that the statement is to be taken as a threat even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out.
      3. Which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person who is threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and
      4. Thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, or for the protection of school district property, or the personal property of the person threatened or his or her immediate family.

      These rules apply on any Covina-Valley Unified School District campus - whether enrolled in that particular school or not - while going to or coming from school or any school-sponsored activity. Violation of Education Code, civil or criminal codes may also include a referral to the local Law Enforcement. Parental consent is NOT a prerequisite to questioning by school personnel, or Law Enforcements questioning and or arresting of a student. Law Enforcement has the right to interview suspects or witnesses who are students.

      Drug-related offenses would result in suspension up to five days plus a transfer to another middle school or possible recommendation for expulsion from all schools of the Covina-Valley Unified School District.  Use or possession of alcohol could result in the same penalty.

      For the offenses listed below, state law requires school and district personnel to examine the possibility of expulsion:

      1. Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense.
      2. b. Possession of any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object of no reasonable use to the pupil at school or at a school activity off school grounds.
      3. Unlawful sale of any controlled substance, as defined in Section 11053 of the Health and Safety Code, except for the sale of not more than one avoirdupois ounce of marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis.
      4. Robbery or extortion.
      5. Sexual assault or battery.

      NOTE: MANDATORY offenses for which expulsion must be recommended, and the governing board must expel the student are:  possession of, selling or furnishing a firearm; possession of an explosive: brandishing a knife at another person, unlawfully selling a controlled substance or committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or committing sexual battery as defined in subdivision (n) of section 48900 (Section 48915 (c) 1,2,3, and 4) or  possession of an explosive (which includes, but is not limited to, M-80s’, M-100’s, M-250’s, and M-1000’s).

      NOTE:  For all expellable offenses where an expulsion does not take place, an involuntary transfer will be considered. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the school, attend regularly, comply with laws and be respectful towards the constituted authority.  

      Violations could result in the following:

      1. Disciplinary conference and/or parent contact.
      2. Break / Lunch Detention
      3.  Assign school or community service.
      4.  Lancer Academy.
      5.  Behavior contract.
      6. Suspension (an action by the school administration that forbids your attendance at school for a limited time period)
      7. Restitution, where applicable.
      8. SART  (School Attendance Review Team), SARB (School Attendance Review Board)   
      9.  Involuntary transfer (class or school).
      10.  Exclusion (district, school, program /activity).
      11. Expulsion (from all district schools).

      Additional Items

      1. All program changes must have counselor/ administrative approval
      2. Only the selling of school-sponsored items is permitted on campus
      3. Las Palmas is not responsible for any confiscated illegal items that may be lost or stolen  
      4. Outside drinks (i.e. soda, energy drinks) are not permitted
      5.  Displays of affection are not appropriate and will result in disciplinary action
      6. Students defacing or otherwise damaging school property will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action and their parents or guardians may be held financially responsible
      7. Possession, use, or representation of any weapon or item purported to be so, will be treated as though it   were the actual weapon it is alleged to be
      8. Any gambling will be cause for disciplinary action
      9. Respect the personal and property rights of others
      10. Aiding and abetting / Including but not limited to - instigation or the filming and or distribution by any form of social media or electronic messaging, of any student in the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury may result in a school disciplinary action (EC48900Q)
      11. Use of any tobacco products is forbidden, including but not limited to E-cigarettes, Hookah, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigarettes of any variety, and cigars. Visitors will be required to refrain from use.

      Cell Phones /Electronics /Cameras / Technology Use

      48901.5.  (a) No school shall permit the possession or use of any electronic signaling device that operates through the transmission or receipt of radio waves, including, but not limited to, paging and signaling equipment, by pupils of the school while the pupils are on campus, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of school District employees, without the prior consent of the principal or his or her designee.  No pupil shall be prohibited from possessing or using an electronic signaling device that is determined by a licensed physician and surgeon to be essential for the health of a pupil and use of which is limited for purposes related to the health of the pupil.

      Cell phones, iPods, Smart Phones may NOT be displayed on campus.  Although cell phones may be carried in backpacks or purses, they are not to be visible, used or ON during the school day (this includes the camera/video phone to take pictures during the school day) at any time or in any location on campus. Additionally, they may not be used in the library, computer labs or other study centers. Sexting- the sending of pornographic photos via cell phone or computer will have serious discipline consequences and possible police citation. Cell phones may be used on campus only after school hours at a time to be designated by school administration. Unauthorized activation and/or use of cell phones may result in confiscation and/or reasonable search of the cell phone as such action is a direct violation of school policy. Whether or not or when the cell phone is returned to the student or parent is also dependent upon the circumstances presented at the time of the violation remember cell phones, like all other personal items brought by a student into a school zone, may be subject to search. The outcome of that search may result in school sanction and/or criminal investigation by the police.

      IPods, Smart Phones, IPads (if not used for an educational purpose). Any type of gaming devices is not allowed on campus for any reason.

      This policy has been developed to reduce disruptions or theft in the classroom and on the campus. Students who do not follow these guidelines may have their electronic devices confiscated by staff members and held in the Administrator’s office for release to parents.  Repeated offenses can lead to suspension for defiance of authority. (Ref: E.C. 48901.5) The school is not responsible for, nor will it investigate lost or stolen electronic devices.

      School owned technology and the use of The World Wide Networks is monitored and controlled by the District. Any misuse of this educational tool will be subjected to loss of privileges and or criminal charges.

      Search and Seizure

      Search & Seizure is conducted whenever there is a reasonable suspicion of student involvement in an unauthorized activity, questioning and the search of students can occur without a parent present. During physical education classes & sports classes, PE locker shall be used to store street clothing, books and backpack ONLY. At all other times students are permitted to store ONLY a PE uniform in the gym lockers. To maintain safe campuses free from drugs and other contraband, the Covina-Valley Unified School District has contracted with Interquest, whose dogs will randomly sweep the campus to ensure the safety of our students. Covina-Valley Unified School District and Las Palmas, have the right to search and question students.


      Bullying will not be tolerated. You must always treat each other with courtesy and respect.  Fighting, threats, shoving, threatening stances and verbal put-downs are all grounds for disciplinary action. This extends to bullying, cyber bullying-threats made on another student via text messages, websites, voicemail, etc. that promote a hostile environment back on school campus. This is in accordance with Ed. Code (r). Engaged in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by means of an electronic act, as defined in subdivisions (f) and (g) of Section 32261, directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel.


      1. Safety procedures require that you do not walk or run through the parking lot or bus zone. Use existing crosswalks.  Please walk bikes off school property.
      2. When coming to or leaving school, always use sidewalks and crosswalks.  If it is necessary to walk in the street, walk single file facing traffic.  Students will be cited for jaywalking by the Police Department.
      3. Confine running to P.E. classes or to the athletic field.  Pushing, shoving, hitting, tripping, tackling, wrestling, climbing (including fences) and other general horseplay, cause accidents and injuries, and are not allowed.
      4. Enter and exit school through the front parking lot and the rear of school on Cutter Way (crosswalk).  Always cross Lark Ellen at the crosswalk south of the school parking lot or at a traffic signal. A reminder to motorists, and all pedestrians, traffic laws are enforced near school grounds on the public roadways by law enforcement (Covina PD, CA Highway Patrol, LA County Sheriff) violations will result in citation.
      5. DO NOT cross the train tracks when the crossing-alarm sounds. DO NOT play on or near the tracks. Walking along the tracks or putting items on the tracks can result in a monetary fine and disciplinary action from the school.
      6. In the interest of safety, these items will not be allowed on campus: Any aerosol sprays, (i.e. Tag spray) mouthwash, white-out, permanent markers or outside beverages.
      7. 7-11 on Cypress or San Bernardino Road, are not recommended as locations to “hang out” or to pick up students.
      8. Students on Cutter Way must be picked up before 3:00PM
      9. School hours are 7:15 to 3:15 PM for your child’s safety please ensure that they are dropped off and picked up on time. Students who are consistently dropped off too early or picked up too late will be considered child abandonment and authorities will be contacted.


      No student shall, on the basis of sex or race, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity provided by any school in the Covina-Valley Unified School District.

      Sexual Harassment

      The Board of Education is committed to maintain an employment and educational environment free from sexual harassment for its employees and students.  The Board of Education considers sexual harassment a violation of state and federal laws which may result in disciplinary action or dismissal of the offending employee or in the case of students, suspension or expulsion as provided by Board Policy 5114, Suspension, Expulsion, Exemption or Exclusion of Students. Sexual harassment means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature, made by someone from or in the work or education setting, under any of the following conditions:

      1. Submission to the conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term or a condition of an individual’s employment, status, progress or promotion.
      2. Submission to, or rejection of the conduct by the individual is used as the basis of employment or academic decisions affecting the individual.
      3. The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact upon the individual’s work or academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or educational environment, or
      4. Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as the basis for any decision affecting the individual regarding benefits, services, honors, programs or activities.

      It shall be the policy of this District to investigate and remedy in an expeditious and timely manner any reports of sexual harassment.  All employees and students are encouraged to report incidents of sexual harassment without fear of reprisal. Employee reports may be made to the principal, department head or designee, the Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services or the Director of Personnel Services. Student reports may be made to the principal, administrator or designee of the school in which he or she is in attendance, or to the Supervisor, Child Welfare and Attendance at the District Office. Employees and students shall receive information on this policy, procedures for reporting charges of sexual harassment and available remedies as provided by applicable state and federal laws.

      (Education Codes:  212.5, 212.6, 48900.2, 48915, and 48980)

      Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, Roller Blades, Hoverboards

      1. Bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle rack only and locked.
      2. Bicycles must always be walked while on campus.
      3. Students not wearing helmets may be cited by the Police Department.
      4. Students who ride their bikes must understand the laws and regulations of riding on public roadways.
      5. The school assumes no liability for damaged or stolen bicycles. However, please report any damage or loss to the office.
      6. City ordinance and Board Policy do not permit riding skateboards, scooters, hoverboards or rollerblading/roller-skating on school sites.  Because of the potential problems they create on campus, these items will be confiscated and only returned to a parent.


      Forging is a violation of California State law and subject to disciplinary action.

      Academic Honesty Policy

      Covina-Valley Unified School District and Las Palmas Middle School values honesty and academic integrity. Therefore, we pledge to help students understand these values and their importance. Cheating includes:

      • Unpermitted collaboration on assigned work, or work submitted by any student, including but not limited to papers, projects, products, lab reports, other reports, and homework.
      • Using unauthorized materials (electronically on calculators or cell phones or crib notes) to complete an examination or assignment.
      • Plagiarism, presenting another person’s work as one’s own without assigning proper credit.
      • Having another individual take a test or prepare an assignment, or assist in the test or assignment without approval.
      • Copying from others during a test, examinations, quiz or homework.
      • Violating any other specific procedures specified by the teacher.
      • If academic dishonesty occurs the following consequences may take place:
        • a verbal warning
        • parent/guardian will be contacted
        • an automatic zero on the assignment
        • the student will not be allowed to make up the assignment
        • citizenship and work habit grades may be negatively affected

      Gum Policy

      Gum is not allowed on campus and any violation will result in a referral process.

      Classroom Referral Process

      Las Palmas classroom management is supported by a school-wide progressive discipline policy. The system is based on number of referrals that are given by a student’s teacher(s). The referrals can be subject to many different consequences depending on the action and its frequency. Examples of some of the consequences are: Classroom discipline, warning, student conference, parent notification, parent/student conference, detention, Lancer Academy, suspension, transfer and expulsion.

      Uniform Complaint Procedure

      If you have a problem or complaint about school, talk with your parents about it.  After that, talk with your teacher, counselor or principal about your problem. The school will help you follow the Uniform Complaint Procedures under the annual notification requirement of the Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 4622. If your problem regards an alleged violation by the district of federal or state law or regulations governing educational programs including adult education, career/vocational educations, child development, consolidated programs, migrant education, special education, child nutrition, and civil rights guarantees including gender equity, or allegations of unlawful discrimination persist, you or your parent may file a complaint.  The school has 60 days to help you solve your problem. If you are still unhappy or unsatisfied, you can appeal your complaint to the California Department of Education within 15 days. Discrimination complaints must be filed no later than six months from the first acknowledgment of the complaint. The district must protect the confidentiality of the parties and the facts related to any discrimination complaint. There are also civil law remedies, including, but not limited to, injunctions, restraining orders, or other orders that can help you resolve your complaint.  These are available to you outside of the district’s Uniform Complaint procedures process. You must wait 60 days after appealing to the state to begin this process.