Student Dress Code

  • Dress For Success

    Covina-Valley Unified School District actively supports the concept of providing a safe, positive atmosphere on campuses in order to allow all students to excel, to feel physically and emotionally secure, to establish tolerance for everyone, to exercise personal responsibility and good judgment, and to focus on learning.  Student dress has been shown to influence behavior and the learning environment.


    • Pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses of appropriate length.
    • Leggings and yoga pants can only be worn with a skirt or shorts.
    • School-appropriate shoes (NO open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops).
    • Las Palmas and Northview apparel.


    • Clothing that indicates any association with an inappropriate group such as a gang. (Ex: long socks worn with shorts, excessively long shirts)
    • Clothing that is obscene, sexually explicit, suggestive, promotes the use of drugs, or is derogatory.
    • Clothing that has tears, rips, or holes where skin is exposed
    • Excessively baggy clothing (ex: pants that will not stay at the waist without a belt)
    • Overly tight, revealing, or short clothing
    • Sleeveless or see-through shirts or blouses.
    • Open-toed shoes / flip-flops
    • Wallet Chains
    • Laser pens
    • Electrical shock devices
    • Chain or metal ball necklaces or piercings
    • Studded belts/ bracelets

    For a complete explanation of the dress code see the Student Handbook or contact the Dean of Students.