• The MZ Art Program - at a glance

    Great Artist Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation

    Manzanita's art program consists of both the GREAT ARTIST program TK-5th and a MUSIC program funded through a grant by Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation for all students in grades 4th and 5th. 

    The GREAT ARTIST program helps students find their inner artist. Building confidence, expression, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all Manzanita students have access to developing a masterpiece. Each year, we focus on a couple of artists and techniques using a variety of art mediums. Each year, we host an Art Gallery Walk and invite parents and partners to experience student art. This art program is also tied into the yearly Covina-Valley Unified School District's Student Art Award night. 

    The Manzanita Music Program is for all students in grades 4th - 5th. Each student can select from Glee-Beats, Beginning Band, or Advanced Band. The instruments are provided free of charge to every student needing one for band. This has been made possible through funding from Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. Every year, students learn how to read music, rhythm, the fundamentals of playing an instrument, and more. We also host 2 concerts a year - the first one is during our Winter Program in December and the second annual concert is held at Azusa Pacific University in the Spring. 


    Infusing Culture into Art & Music School-wide at Manzanita

    Every year at Manzanita, students study Artists as well as cultural traditions from various countries. The Manzanita teachers see art as a way to tell a story and communicate a point of view about the world. Each year, we integrate Artist Studies and Cultural Traditions into everyday teaching. We expose students to different Artists and traditions each year. Our goal is to give students a platform to share their own stories and traditions as well as find a way to express their inner artist.  

    Samples of projects include:

    Día de los muertos community altar - A way to recognize loved ones who have passed

    Frida Kahlo - A self-portrait study

    Quitapesares - A study of Guatemala's cultural tradition of the "Worry Doll"

    Partnership with Grammy Award Winning Singer/Song Writer 123 Andrés

    Alejandro Duran - A study of self-expression & caring for the earth

    Our hope is to continue to build this program and allow students to continue to express their artistic self via music, art, and video.