• Covina-Valley Council Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    Welcome to the Covina-Valley Unified School District's PTA page!
    The PTAs in our school district are all very active at their schools and are strong advocates for all children.
    Some Facts:
    • There are 15 PTAs/PTSAs in our school district.
    • There are approx. 200 volunteers serving on these PTAs.
    • The Covina-Valley Council PTA oversees these 15 PTAs.
    • The support of teachers, staff, and administrators of our PTAs is phenomenal.
    • We average around 6,500 PTA members annually with an increase of 350 members in the 2017-2018 school year.
    • The First District PTA oversees 22 councils spanning from Burbank to Pomona.
    Please feel free to email us at covinavalleycouncilpta@gmail.com and a Council board member will be happy to connect with you shortly.

Covina-Valley Council PTA Executive Committee, 2019-20

  • Superintendent

    Richard M. Sheehan, Ed.D

    Elected Officers

    President: Lori Berns
    Secretary: Rebecca Burke
    Treasurer: Griselda Rodriguez
    2nd VP of Membership: Egly Garcia
    3rd VP of Legislation and Community Liason: Felicia Gomez Verdin
    4th VP of Hospitality: Kristin Renner

    Appointed Officers

    Auditor: Kamealoha Moore-Sanchez
    Parliamentarian: Lenka Kendall


    Grad Night: Patti Ramirez
    Inspiration/Sunshine: Esther Korszyk
    Mental Health and Wellness: Kelly Schwedler
    Program Directory/Communications: Alejandra Lagos-Jolicoeur
    Reflections: Rachel Berns
    Ways and Means: Nancy Nguyen

    Executive Committee

    Top row from left: Kelley Schwedler, Michelle Doll, Ed.D.; Elizabeth Eminhizer, Ed.D.; Robert McEntire (no longer serving), Richard M. Sheehan, Ed.D.; Lori Berns, Lenka Kendall, Rebecca Burke, Esther Korszyk, Rosanna Foxall (no longer serving)
    Bottom row from left: Kamealoha Moore-Sanchez, Esther Korszyk, Felicia Gomez Verdin, Alejandra Lagos-Jolicoeur, Kristin Renner, Nancy Nguyen, Isabel Munoz (no longer serving), Griselda Rodriguez, Patti Ramirez
    Not Pictured: Rachel Berns

Unit PTA/PTSA Presidents, 2019-20

  • Elementary Schools

    Barranca Elementary PTA: Rosie Vidrio
    Ben Lomond Elementary PTA: Laura Casey
    Cypress Elementary PTA: Erin Ward
    Grovecenter Elementary PTA: Reina Flores
    Manzanita Elementary PTA: Amy Waltz
    Merwin Elementary PTA: Maricela Frymark
    Mesa Elementary PTA: Steve Kenyon
    Rowland Ave. PTA: Rocio Garcia
    Workman Ave. Elementary PTA: Carol Ruenprom

    Middle Schools

    Las Palmas Middle School PTA: Rosa Dominguez
    Sierra Vista Middle School PTA: Tammi Froh
    Traweek Middle School PTSA: Ofelia Marie Perez

    High Schools

    Covina High School PTSA: Dawn De George
    Northview High PTA: Dave Cruz
    South Hills High PTSA: Carla Abu-Lashin

    C-VUSD Unit Presidents 2019-20

    Top row from left: Ashley Vasquez (no longer serving), Rosa Dominguez, Maricela Frymark, Rocio Garcia, Richard M. Sheehan, Ed.D.; Lori Berns, Ofelia Marie Perez, Rosie Vidrio, Dave Cruz, Amy Waltz
    Bottom row from left: Reina Flores, Dawn De George, Carla Abu-Lashin, Tammi Froh, Laura Casey, Steven Kenyon
    Not Pictured: Erin Ward, Carol Ruenprom