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    Welcome to the Covina-Valley Council of PTAs' page!
    The Covina-Valley Council of PTAs is aligned with the National PTA mission which is "Every Child. One Voice." and California State PTA's mission which is to positively impact the lives of all children and families. 
    All of our 15 units and council are very active and are strong advocates for all of our children throughout the district. Our amazing and dedicated volunteers work behind the scenes, hand in hand with their schools on a daily basis to find out the best possible ways to support and connect with our students and community. 
    The Covina-Valley Council of PTAs oversees the 15 individual PTAs/PTSAs in our district with approximately 150 volunteers serving on individual units. We are excited to share that we are in the process of starting a brand new PTSA charter at our Fairvalley High School. We are a part of First District PTA which oversees councils and out-of-council units that span from Burbank to Pomona.
    At the beginning of the 2023-24 school year, we currently stand at 5,112 PTA members, which is 70% of our 7,300 membership goal. Our membership theme this year is “Hands Up to Growing Membership.” We wholeheartedly appreciate the support of the whole Covina-Valley community. The support of our teachers, staff, and administration is truly phenomenal. We feel really blessed to be able to serve and support the needs of all of our students in our district.
    If you have any questions or want to reach out to us, please email us at: covinavalleycouncilpta@gmail.com and a board member will be happy to connect with you.

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    Instagram: @cvcouncil_pta

Covina-Valley Council PTA Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee


    Elizabeth Eminhizer, Ed.D

    Elected Officers

    President: Rebecca Burke
    Secretary: Katie Hernandez
    Treasurer: Tammi Froh
    Financial Reviewer: Rebecca Fogg-Martinez
    1st VP of Programs: Lenka Kendall
    2nd VP of Membership: Michelle Cossota
    3rd VP of Legislation: Leena Sanchez
    4th VP of Hospitality: Mariana Bustos 

    Appointed Officers

    Historian: Egly Garcia
    Reflections Chairman: Alejandra Lagos-Jolicoeur
    Senior Scholarship Chairman: Maricela Frymark
    Compliance Committee: Rebecca Burke, Katie Hernandez, Tammi Froh, Lenka Kendall

Unit PTA/PTSA Presidents

  • Presidents

    Elementary Schools

    Barranca Elementary PTA: Desire Ventura
    Ben Lomond Elementary PTA: Silvia Diaz
    Cypress Elementary PTA: Michael Cabral
    Grovecenter Elementary PTA: Perla Rardin
    Manzanita Elementary PTA: Valerie Ortega
    Merwin Elementary PTA: Mariana Bustos
    Mesa Elementary PTA: Leena Sanchez
    Rowland Ave Elementary PTA: Rocio Garcia
    Workman Ave Elementary PTA: Katie Hernandez

    Middle Schools

    Las Palmas PTA: Mayra Valenzuela
    Sierra Vista PTA: Lenka Kendall
    Traweek PTSA: Alejandra Lagos-Jolicoeur

    High Schools

    Covina High School PTSA: Egly Garcia
    Northview High School PTSA: Rosa Dominguez
    South Hills High School PTSA: Tammi Froh