• School Closure FAQ's


    Q- When is school back in session?

    A- School is happening now!!! Make sure you login to your assigned google classroom for that day. To see the weekly schedule, make sure you visit the schedule tab on this page. 


    Q- What happens if we left something at school?

    A- Unfortunately, we cannot let anyone on campus until the school closure has ended. However, if you need assistance related to your school work please reach out to your teacher, counselor, or administrator.


    Q- Do I have to log in to all my classes on Google Meets?

    A- Yes!! Please login to your class for that day using your google classroom. 


    Q- How am I getting graded this quarter?

    A- All students are graded on a pass/no pass basis. Meaning if you show up and do the work you will do well.


    Q- What happens if I miss my assigned google hangout?

    A- Make sure you email your teacher so they do not mark you absent and you get the work.