• Checking Student Devices for Updates

    If your computer seems to be running slowly, glitching, or otherwise not functioning properly, please check your device for updates. Watch the videos below to see how you can check for updates on your device.

    If your device still does not function properly after running updates, please contact our Library Media Clerk, Mrs. Kirker, at (626) 974-6128 or nkirker@c-vusd.org.

    Windows Devices

    If you have a device that runs Windows 10, please see the videos below for different ways to check for updates. If the bottom of your computer says it's a Lenovo N24, Lenovo 300e, Lenovo 100e, or Lenovo 500e, your device runs Windows 10. There may also be a sticker on the bottom of the computer that looks like the following:

     Windows Sticker


    If you have a Chromebook device, please watch the video below for a walkthrough to check for updates. If there is a Google Chrome logo on the cover of your device, your device is a Chromebook. The logo looks like the following (it might just say "chrome" or just have the circle icon):

    Chromebook Logo