Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers

  • Prerequisite: Must know how to use a computer.
    For beginner to intermediate students. Learn the basics of using Lightroom and Photoshop together. Lightroom and Photoshop are both resources that can help to improve your photography in many ways, but when they are used together, they truly become a dynamic force in your photography. This class can help you understand when best to use the two programs together to expedite and optimize your workflows and of course achieve the best digital photo processing.


  • This course covers the use of the potter’s wheel, hand building and other facets of ceramic art. Raku firing is also included.

Clock Maker/Repairer

Parent Education

  • An enriched nursery school program is offered where both parent and child attend. Parents participate in group discussions concerned with early childhood development. Group activities for the children stimulate emotional and social growth as well as foster preparation for school readiness. Adult enrollment limited.

    NOTE: Before a child can attend a Parent Education class, proof of the following immunizations is required: DPT or DT, POLIO, RUBELLA, RUBEOLA, MUMPS, HEPATITIS B, HIB MENINGITIS and VARICELLA.