Requirements For A High School Diploma

  • English 30 Credits
    Science 20 Credits
    Mathematics 20 Credits
    (Must include 10 credits of Algebra)  
    U.S. History  10 Credits
    World History, Cultures & Geography 10 Credits
    Foreign Language/Fine Arts 10 Credits
    U.S. Government 5 Credits
    Economics 5 Credits
    Electives, exclusive of Physical Education 45 Credits
    Health 5 Credits

    Candidates for a high school diploma must complete at least 10 Adult Credits in residence. Veterans of United States Armed Forces have met residency requirements.


Academic Courses Online

  • Most of our academic courses are now taught through our online program called APEX. Being online allows us to offer many other choices with more up-to-date material which students find more relevant. It also meets California academic standards and, in most cases qualifies, for A-G credit. Courses are often completed in a more timely manner due to the fact that students can work on their courses at any time, even at home. Our Academic Study Center (ASC) will have Chromebooks available to work with. Instructional support will also be available with both a teacher and an aide. Tests must be taken in the ASC under the auspices of a proctor.