• astrocamp
    AstroCamp is located in the San Jacinto Mountains near the town of Idyllwild, two hours east of Los Angeles. This beautiful campus is found on the edge of a little mountain meadow surrounded by pine oak, and manzanita forests. The facilities and labs offer state of the art equipment for exploring science and the natural world. Students and chaperones (Las Palmas teachers) are housed in comfortable dorms and meals are prepared in a lodge style dining hall.
    AstroCamp is a hands-on physical science program with an emphasis on astronomy and space exploration. AstroCamp meets Science Content Standards for California 8th Grade Science. The classes are designed to inspire students toward future success in their academic and personal pursuits.
    For more information visit the ASTRO Camp Website 

Catalina Island

  • catalina
    The Catalina trip consists of a three day series of activities that include snorkeling, island ecology hikes, oceanography, marine biology labs (such as squid dissection, shark, fish, algae, and marine mammals).  Students participate in labs and field activities under the care and supervision of a trained CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute) instructor and Las Palmas chaperone.  We stay in dorm-like housing in Toyon Bay and eat delicious food in the cafeteria during our stay. CIMI objectives are to: excite students about science; introduce students to the basic concept of marine science and island ecology; help students understand their role in the Earth's ecosystems; teach students to interact with animals and nature in a responsible manner; teach students to live and share in a group learning situation.
    For more information visit the CIMI Website