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    Pre-registration allows teens the ability to register to vote early, which can prevent potential delays, such as missing the voter registration deadline of 15 days before any election day.

    Pre-registration is simple and easy to do online or via a paper application. To pre-register, simply fill out the form online at the Secretary of State’s website or visit any DMV, many post offices, public libraries, or government offices for a paper application. One can also be requested from your county elections office. To obtain a voter registration application via mail, call (800) 345-VOTE (8643).

    If students do not have a California driver’s license or identification card number, they can still use the online form to apply to register.

    Pre-registration does not change the voting age, which is 18 years old; it simply gives high school students sufficient time to become informed voters. Once 18, a postcard will be sent to their address saying their registration is active. In the next election, voters will automatically receive their election-related materials.

    For more information visit the Secretary of State’s website.

    Click on the links below to access the files: (English & Spanish)

    Quick Guide: California Voter Registration/Pre-Registration Application  

    Guia rapida: Inscripcion de votante/Solicitud de preinscripcion de California