• Metal fabrication introduces students to metalworking, blueprint reading and metal fabrication layout. Students will receive technical training and "in the field" working knowledge that is required to meet the demands of the industry, to gain marketable skills as a fabricator, and to prepare students for employment. This course is designed to give students training, knowledge and skills necessary to perform accurate and precise fit up from simple shapes to complex projects and custom assemblies.

  • Course Covers

    • Lathe and mill operating
    • Computer-aided design
    • CNC metal production and manufacturing
    • Plasma cutting
    • Pan/brake operations
    • Tube bending and sheet metal shaping
    • GMAW/GTAW welding techniques


    Related Jobs

    • Fabrication Manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Aeronautical/Aviation
    • High-end Automotive Design and Fabrication
    • Custom designs in architecture exterior/interior
    • Custom cabinetry and furniture designs


    Course Prerequisites

    Weld training and/or experience with GMAW and GTAW process using mild and stainless steels & aluminums.