• This course is the first of two courses designed for a residential electrician. It provides students with in-person technical instruction and practical experience in workplace safety, trade mathematics, fundamental electrical concepts, DC and AC current, and Ohm’s Law. Students learn to evaluate the electrical wiring code, install new wiring, lighting, other electrical components, reading and interpreting technical drawings and blueprints. Three days per week are in-person lab based hands-on instruction with one day per week asynchronous online activities that can be completed at home. The expectation is that students are completing four hours of online work via the Mike Holt Capacitor each week in addition to their in-person lab. Upon enrollment, students can apply to obtain an Electrician Trainee (ET) Card to perform electrical work for a C-10 contractor and register as an electrician trainee through the State of California.

  • Course Covers

    • Basic to advanced commercial/residential installations
    • Current electrical codes
    • Meter and testing use
    • Electrical motor control
    • Diagram and symbol reading
    • Troubleshooting procedures


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    • Maintenance Electricians
    • New Construction
    • Commercial and Residential Maintenance
    • Lineman Electricians
    • Solar Photovoltaic
    • Stage and Entertainment Industries


    Course Prerequisites