Digital Accessibility Statement (AB 234)

  • Covina-Valley Unified School District is committed to making this website and all digital content accessible to visitors with disabilities and is continually working to increase its accessibility and usability. strives to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. These recommendations outline how to make website content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.

    We are, on a regular basis, seeking opportunities to bring all areas of our sites up to the same level of overall web accessibility. 

    If you experience difficulty with the accessibility of any web pages or documents, please complete this form to report the difficulty and/or request the information in a different format.

Website Trouble?

  • If you are having trouble with our website, it could be that you aren't running the latest version of your web browser. Our websites work well on the latest versions of all web browsers. For your convenience, you can find links to download the browsers that work below! Additionally, many downloads on our website are in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here.

    For the best screen reader experience, we recommend Firefox® and Jaws on a Windows®system or Safari® and VoiceOver On a Mac®

    A simple, fast browser that works well with Google services.
    Download Chrome

    Recommended for best screen reader experience in conjunction with JAWS on a Windows device. 
    Download Mozilla Firefox

    Internet Explorer
    Only works on Windows Vista or above. If you have Windows XP,  please use Firefox or Chrome as Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft.
    Download Internet Explorer

    Microsoft Edge
    Newer browser released by Microsoft. Comes with Windows 10. 
    Download Microsoft Edge