• 2020-2021 Picture Days

    Purchase your photo packages by clicking on the following link: http://www.mylifetouch.com/

    Students will enter through our parking lot on Homerest Ave., drive up to the back east gym door, get out, take a photo and leave through the west door. They will get their student ID on this day.

    Please note, on Thursday the 24th, Seniors will take their ID photo; however, we have made arrangements for them to ALSO take their Senior Portrait on this day BUT it is ONLY for Seniors who made an appointment with Lifetouch to do so. For more details about Senior Portraits, please navigate to our info page by clicking on the following link: Senior Portraits Info

    Class of 2021: Senior Photo ID Day
    Thursday, September 24th 1pm-7pm

    1pm-2pm Abrego - Carlin
    2pm-3pm Carrillo - Gaeta
    3pm-4pm Galindo - Leyva
    4pm-5pm Lizarraga - Nunez
    5pm-6pm Ochoa - Romero
    6pm-7pm Ron - Zistecatl

    Class of 2022: Junior Picture Day
    Wednesday, September 23rd 1pm-7pm

    1pm-2pm Acevedo - Castro
    2pm-3pm Cerda - Gomez
    3pm-4pm Gonzales - Luna
    4pm-5pm Madrid - Owens
    5pm-6pm Paez - Sanchez
    6pm-7pm Santacruz - Zepeda

    Class of 2023: Sophomore Picture Day
    Tuesday, September 22nd 1pm-7pm

    1pm-2pm Abad - Cervantes
    2pm-3pm Chacon - Gallegos
    3pm-4pm Garcia - Loeza
    4pm-5pm Lopez - Ong
    5pm-6pm Orona - Salas
    6pm-7pm Salazar - Zuniga

    Class of 2024: Freshman Picture Day
    Monday, September 21st 1pm-7pm

    1pm-2pm Acosta - Chavez
    2pm-3pm Chua - Gonzalez
    3pm-4pm Guerrero - Lozano
    4pm-5pm Lueras - Osi
    5pm-6pm Padilla - Sanglimsuwan
    6pm-7pm Santillan - Zubiate