• Industry Pathways

    Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector (AME) Pathways:

    Design, Visual, & Media Arts: Animation (Pathway 111B):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Animation I
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Digital Animation

    Design, Visual, & Media Arts: Visual Commercial Art (Pathway 111C):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Photo Commercial Art
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Digital Photography

    Professional Music (Pathway 112B):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Chorus
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Pop Ensemble

    Professional Theater (Pathway 112C):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Intermediate Acting
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Acting

    Production & Managerial Arts: Film/Video Production Pathway (Pathway 113B):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Video Production
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Video Production

    Building and Construction Trades (BLD) Pathway:

    Cabinetry, Millwork, & Woodworking Pathway (Pathway 120):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Fine Woodworking I
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Woodworking

    Education, Child Development, and Family Services (EDU) Pathway:

    Education (Pathway 132):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Intermediate EDUC
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced EDUC

    Health Science and Medical Technology Sector (HLT) Pathway:

    Patient Care (Pathway 198):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Sports Medicine
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Adv Sports Physical Therapy

    Public Services Sector (PUB) Pathway:

    Public Safety Pathway (Pathway 232):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Forensic Science
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Administration of Justice

    Trade Tech Academy Offerings

    Building and Construction Trades (BLD) Pathways:

    Mechanical Systems Installation and Repair (Pathway 122):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): HVAC
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced HVAC

    Mechanical Systems Installation and Repair (Pathway 122):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Electrical
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Electrical

    Information and Communication Technologies Sector (INF) Pathway:

    Information Support and Services (Pathway 170):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Court Reporting
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Court Reporting

    Manufacturing and Product Development Sector (MAN) Pathway:

    Welding and Materials Joining (Pathway 213):
    - 1st Year (Concentrator): Welding
    - 2nd Year (Capstone): Advanced Welding

    NHS Career Tech and Education Pathways Table