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FMA Live

Honeywell and NASA have joined together to inspire science and engineering success through an award-winning science education concert.  Traweek hosted FMA Live! on March 9. FMA Live!'s Forces in Motion show is an interactive, traveling hip hop concert that teaches Newton's Universal Law of Gravity and Three Laws of Motion.  The show connects science and engineering to everyday life.  Studying Newtonian physics can lead to interesting, competitive careers.  Our students were excited, engaged and left the assembly bubbling with energy and some basic science and engineering principles.  Simply AWESOME!!

Zion McGlory demonstrating
Newton's 1st Law: Inertia.
Mr. Myers & Mr. Hemenover
demonstrating Newton's 2nd Law: Acceleration.
action reaction
Dr. Kodama demonstrating
Newton's 3rd Law: Action / Reaction.