Device Donation Plan

Device Donation Plan - Deadline Oct. 4

Northview and The Covina-Valley Unified School District are excited to be a part of a take-home student device initiative. Under this initiative, students will be loaned either a Chromebook (12th grade) or Lenovo laptop computer (grades 9-11) for use on school-related projects and assignments. These devices are an integral part of teaching digital citizenship in a 21st Century learning environment. To continue this effort, we are asking students to donate $40 to contribute to the Device Donation Plan. This plan will cover all accidental damages and technical needs of the device that may occur throughout the year. The last day to take part in the Device Donation Plan is October 4th, 2019. Please call (626) 974-6128 for payment options.

A list of fines and additional information may be found at the following link: Device Fines and Donation Plan